The 5 Kinds of People who MUST go to Vietnam

Vietnam is for Lovers. That's it.

Traveling to Vietnam is going to be amazing for you if you are in love.

If you are;

  • a budget traveler in the throes of wanderlust

  • a food lover on a culinary escapade

  • a solo traveler in love with adventure

  • the better half of someone you love

  • or a lover of the ocean

Then Vietnam should be a top destination for you!

Hanoi, the charming capital in the north, the Paris of the East, is sure to charm. Ho Chi Minh City, the vibrant city in the South, is sure to overwhelm with its raw energy and possibilities. Da Nang, the coastal gem in the central region, is an undiscovered beach paradise.

These are just a handful of cities Vietnam has to offer. There is more to discover in a country with over 90 million people. Here's a closer look at why lovers need to go to Vietnam!

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1. Budget Travellers

Vietnam is a friendly place for backpackers and budget travelers. The cost of living in Vietnam is low. In the major cities, you can find high prices if you're not careful.

If you wander off the beaten path and avoid tourist traps like Halong Bay and Hoi An Ancient Town, there are prices so low you might never want to go home.

The currency in Vietnam is the Vietnam Dong (pronounced more like dawm). The largest bill you will have to deal with is 500 000 VND which is around $20 USD. Be mindful because with all those zeros flying around it's easy to accidentally overpay. A taxi driver or vendor might take advantage of your naiveté.

You can stay at a homestay in Vietnam for a low price. Meals found street-side can be around $0.50 cents to $3. Bus tickets and domestic airfare are also reasonable. If you buy fresh fruit in season from the market you will hardly pay anything for it. It feels great to go to a cafe every morning for a week for less than the cost of one coffee back home!

2. Foodies

Vietnam has amazing food. It's the premier cuisine in Asia. There is incredible variety each region has their own local specialty.

My favourite kind of food is Ăn Chay vegetarian food. Buddhism is the main religion in Vietnam and that means there's a lot of good vegetarian food around since most Buddhists don't eat their animal friends.  t

Look for the word CHAY on menu items, food stall signs, and restaurants. It's pretty easy to find cheap, healthful, and delicious food. Eating Ăn Chay will also help the squeamish to avoid exotic Vietnamese specialties like snails, eels, frogs, chicken feet, chicken heads, jelly fish, et cetera.

But if you are an adventurous eater you will be able to test your mettle here. Vietnamese food is known to have a variety of textures, flavours, and scents. No other food culture uses so many fresh herbs in their cuisine!

3. Solo traveler

Solo travelers are the ones craving independence and a challenge above all else. To say Vietnam is a challenging country is putting it politely. It is a difficult country to understand. In Vietnam, it's pretty safe to be on your own and you'll be able to save money and have a ton of fun. If you're on your own, you'll get to know the locals more!

I found that Vietnamese people were overly honest about how people look. They also had what I'd call traditional family values.

Looking jet lagged and tired? Overweight? Over 20 and unmarried? Married with no children?

They might give you an honest earful or unsolicited advice! Talk about culture shock.

Discovering Vietnam on your own is amazing. If you are in love with travel, history, and cities you should rent a motorbike and go have an adventure on your own!

4. Couples

Couples are in for a treat when they take a trip together in Vietnam. I met a lot of honeymooners when I visited Ha Long Bay. It’s clear why they all came to Vietnam! Vietnam is beautiful, mysterious, and romantic. There are misty high mountains and long white beaches. It's just the ultimate backdrop for a romantic adventure.

As a couple, your costs go down significantly. You can spring for fancier hotels and trips. High-end places in Vietnam are still significantly cheaper than many other destinations. Your money goes farther and you get more bang for your buck.

5. Ocean lovers

I have never thought that there was more beauty in the world than when I watched the sunrise over the ocean for the first time. Vietnam's coastline is long and inviting. Locals swim in the early hours of the day, doing their exercise on the beach and taking a dip to cool off.

If you're in a major city with a beach, like Nha Trang or Da Nang, the beach will be lit up at night, perfect for a moonlit stroll. There are places where you can surf, fish, and rent boats.

The water is warm and clear and there are lots of public beaches. Try to do a little research or swim where locals are swimming. You'll be better able to avoid the jellyfish that way! Do some research and asking around to find out the best spots if you can.