Mindful Urbanist Podcast Playlist 1st Edition

I remember I was 14 when I first downloaded Itunes and loaded up my state of the art iPod with podcasts. Back then I was mostly concerned about watching video podcasts of fashion week in New York and no one else I knew had even heard of a podcast. Today they are one of the most dynamic and interesting media platforms available and they are becoming more popular every day. Part of what makes a podcast special is that it can be an extension of a mega brand or a radio show from someone's laptop. I have retired my dino-pod from the mid 00's and upgraded to a modest nano that I keep loaded with updated episodes of my favourite podcasts to listen to while in transit, washing the dishes, and exercising. There are podcasts for any mood if you want to be distracted, informed, relaxed, or challenged. Here are the ones that I cannot live without.

The Monocle Daily

Monocle! Keeping an eye and ear on the world. Originally launched as a magazine, Monocle is now a complete media brand. Truly global in their scope, their thoughtful reporting and style make them an enviable addition to any podcast playlist. They make several podcasts and while I also subscribe to The BriefingMidori House, and The Urbanist, The Monocle Daily is a light mix of the best of what Monocle has to offer. The Monocle Daily will give you a healthy dose of news and culture and the hosts' quippy humour and brilliant interviews make this podcast a pleasure to hear.

TED Radio Hour

Everybody loves TED and no one has the time to watch the 1000s of TED talks available online or shell out thousands of dollars to go to the TED conferences. Luckily TED is partnered with NPR to create this awesome podcast that curates TED talks. Usually, 3 talks are explored that revolve around a theme and the host Guy Raz interviews the speakers. I like Guy a lot because he seems genuinely interested in the speakers' ideas and he talks about his own experiences honestly. Boiling down the talks and asking a few questions to gain more insight is a perfect way to consume all of the TED you could want.

The Heart

This is the newest podcast that I've added to my collection but I loved it immediately and had to share. I haven't been intrigued by a podcast like this in a long time. It is a little bit X-rated but that comes almost as an afterthought. I think this podcast is about exploring the intimate and private. Beautifully written and softly spoken, It makes me feel warm and very not alone to listen to this podcast.

Welcome to Nightvale

This podcast has arguably the most rabid fanbase of any podcast. That doesn't mean you can't join! These people have managed to turn their pet project into a successful business model with a bimonthly podcast, book deal, and live touring shows. I explain this podcast to friends like Steven King meets NPR with a satirical bite. The radio show from the fictional town of Nightvale is silly, scary, engrossing, and just fun. The acting talent of Cecil Baldwin is really special and has to be experienced first hand. I binge-listened to Nightvale on a flight once and it really keeps you company the more you get to know it.