Mindful Urbanist Podcast Playlist 2nd Edition

I’m in a new country with strange and different smells, tastes and sounds. There are dogs play-fighting in the street outside my house, roosters that crow at all hours—not just at dawn, skittering geckos on the walls, and roaring motorcycles past my front door. 

I’ve been listening to podcasts at night to wind down and I replay my favourites to lull me to sleep. In the morning I listen to podcasts while I make coffee, tidy up, and get ready for work.

 I search meticulously for podcasts and I rounded up a few of my favourites for you again.  I’ve already talked about how I like This American LifeWelcome to NightvaleTED Radio Hour, and The Heart. Here are my other picks for great podcasts to check out!


Lore is a sleek, grown-up, podcast version of Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark? It’s run written and produced by Aaron Mahnke. This podcast is going to be a TV show soon and I'm looking forward to that!

Lore is spooky, interesting, composed, and intriguing. You can really sense his innate curiosity. He tells  well-researched tales and back stories about ubiquitous folklore and specific strange cases. Part history class and part Lovecraftian horror story, this is a great podcast if you're already into Welcome to Nightvale

Q: The Podcast From CBC

I like used to not like Q because I thought it was haughty. Shad as a host changed my mind about the show. I miss having him host the show because he was a thoughtful interviewer. I'll give this new host a chance.

Q is an arts magazine style show. There ’s music, there’s interviews with really cool authors, directors, actors, movers, and shakers, and there are Friday live episodes where they interview artists between songs!  I get excited when it comes on because it’s calming, informative, and trendy.

Untame Yourself

This podcast run by Liz DiAlto is about success stories and advice about being a powerful woman in the 21st century. It’s inspiring and she gives a fresh perspective on many aspects of living a full, healthy, and happy life. 

Some of the time what she says is a little esoteric for my tastes but it’s good to explore the fringe now and then. Come to this podcast with an open mind and it will open it even further.

CBC Podcast Playlist

I’m so geeky that I listen to podcasts about podcasts. This is a meta-podcast and it’s great. They round up a bunch of podcasts on a theme and play a clip from the best ones. I was so excited when this podcast came out I highly recommend this one if you don’t feel like committing to a new podcast yet but you want to test the waters. I’ve met a few new and wonderful podcasts thanks to this show.