Sparking a reading Renaissance

I have not been a great reader these last years. Years of enforced reading at my university took its toll on me and I became jaded. It’s been a few months since I’ve graduated and I’m slowly starting to become reacquainted with my love of reading. It's my reading Renaissance!

In preparation for moving to Vietnam, I recently bought an e-reader. because I won’t be able to get English-language books over there. I love my e-reader and never wish to be parted from it. It's worth the initial investment, especially for people who love to travel. A great feature of the Kobo is its compatibility with apps like the Pocket app. When I’m on my phone or laptop reading an article I can send it to my pocket where it will be reformatted and I can read it on my kobo later at my leisure. Technology!

Today I want to share one of my favourite new books, Spinster: Making a life of one’s own. This is a must read for any woman. I’m sure men would find it hilarious and insightful as I did.  It speaks poetic volumes to the societal expectations of womanhood. It’s reassuring to find a voice so secure and humble in her own life.

Kate Bolick talks about her life and how at different points in her journey she appreciated the insight she found in critical female writers. You learn about Kate's life and about important female poets and philosophers.I was reading quickly through her well researched mini-bios of the women who inspired her to get to the juicy details of her life and hear about her career, her men, and her girlfriends.

It’s my life-long dream to live in New York City as a writer. Seeing Kate speak honestly on the glamour and total lack of that comes with pursuing that dream. It's encouraging in a real sense. Whether you are single, happily coupled, or somewhere between this book is going to speak to you. It’s about how each of us has the ability  to construct a life for ourselves, no matter who we're with.

It was totally refreshing to see someone explain that being single for women isn’t a “waiting period” between relationships. Being single has its own, potentially better, fulfilling merits. Made me excited for my trip overseas where I’ll be on my own. I hate the whole “girl boss” thing going on right now, I find it inherently anti-women. If someone were going to call someone else a girl boss Kate Bolick is a prime candidate.